Specialty Filter Media

AWI filter media design, supply and placement is backed by a team of technical experts with extensive experience.  Our Quality Assurance program guarantees filter media size, compatibility and the correct procedure for filter media installation. Combined with AWI operator training and filter surveillance techniques sustained filter performance is ensured.



AWI Filter Media Types

Puracite Filter Anthracite Filter Grade Silica Sand
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Manganese Greensand
Pyrolucite Garnet Sand
Gravel Activated Alumina

Filter Media Services
• Filter Media Testing • Uniformity Coefficient Testing
• Filter Media Installation • Backwash Density Testing
• Filter Media Design • Specific Gravity Testing
• Filter Media Troubleshooting • Filter Media Loading Eductor Units
• In-house Sieve Analysis • Filter Media Conveyors

Silica Sand In-Filter

 Puracite In-Filter






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