The AWI Filter Audit

At AWI we focus on granular media water filtration.  We have 30 years of experience working with consulting engineers and water plant operators providing filter optimization solutions.  One of the site-specific technical services we offer is an AWI Filter Audit.  We have completed numerous filter audits in municipal and industrial water treatment plants worldwide.

A filter audit is a review of the condition and operational capabilities of a plant filter and part of a comprehensive approach to filter optimization.

 An AWI Filter Audit provides:

       Comprehensive on-site filter evaluation 
      Review of historical operating data
      Filter media profiling and analysis
Filter optimization options
      Site-specific scope/site-specific solutions 
A technical report with options and

An AWI Filter Audit can:

  • Increase filter efficiency improve effluent quality
  • Reduce backwash water consumption
  • Optimize filter performance
  • Develop filter surveillance program

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