AWI is an expert in granular media filtration technology.  Our technical capabilities, products and services can improve the granular media filtration process in both industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment plants.

Optimization solutions often lie in the filter media bed and improving its performance.  AWI Puracite offers many advantages over conventional Pennsylvanian anthracite of the same size, AWI Puracite can dramatically improve filter efficiency by:    

     Lowering required backwash ratesPuracite Filter Anthracite

     Decreased backwash volume

     Producing longer filter runs

     Reducing headloss     

     Reduced intermixing

     Providing a greater solids holding capacity    

     Improved compatibility in a dual media design

Puracite has been used throughout North America in over 46,000 square feet of filter area. 

Puracite is carefully selected for its:

    •  Inertness
    •  Particle Shape
    •  Retention of Particle Shape
    •  Filtration Characteristics
    •  Backwash Characteristics
    •  Attrition Resistance

       Puracite installed in-filter


Puracite is ANSI/NSF 61 – 1997a Certified.  It can be shipped in 1 cubic foot bags or 50 cubic foot semi-bulk bags. 

AWI's Filter Media Services also include:
    •  Filter media installation with experienced field technicians
    •  Rental of AWI Eductor units
    •  Site Specific Operator Training
    •  Filter Inspection Program set-up

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