Operator Training & WorkshopsOperator training hands-on workstations

At AWI we focus on granular media water filtration.  We have 30 years of experience working with consulting engineers and water plant operators providing filter optimization solutions.  One of the services we offer is a one or two-day AWI Operator Training Workshop.

Operator workshop session Working with provincial industry associations like the Alberta Water & Wastewater Operator's Association (AWWOA), the Saskatchewan Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA), and the Manitoba Water & Wastewater Association (MWWA) we provide knowledgeable presenters to deliver practical information in a hands-on environment.  The Filter Surveillance Workshop provides water treatment operators with the skills that are critical to getting the best possible results from their water treatment facility.

Session topics covered in a two-day session can include:


      Filtration Theory  
      Filter Media History & Types   
      Filter Design & Underdrains   
      Monitoring Filter Pre-Treatment   
      Backwash Management   
      Filter Surveillance Program Set-Up 
      Filter Trouble-shooting   
      Hands-on Work Stations: Backwash Evaluation; Filter Media
         Evaluation; Pilot Column & Underdrain Design

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